Art of Slow is an online platform that lives to inspire a New Wave of Fashion Lovers + Majestic Humans. Born from a deep desire to feel more connected to the pieces in our wardrobe, we come together with you to consume fashion from a place of devotion and integrity. 

Art of Slow vows to bring Adornment back into the collective as connective ritual, and offers a curation of design-led conscious pieces that embody Grace, Beauty, Mindfulness and Love

This session is a transformational deep dive into your Wardrobe to cleanse, clear and clarify your collection of Clothes. In this online session you will: Experience 'Sl...
Wardrobe Workshop 90 mins Online
1 hr 30 min

Take a moment to look at the clothing you are wearing now and ask yourself not only ‘who made my clothes?’ but also ‘what is the frequency of this garment?’ ‘how does it feel?’, ‘what is its history and what is its future?’ This can be the beginning of a revealing adventure. 

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