Tell me about your most coveted piece with your wisest, glorious tales interwoven - lets share the magic of our Favourite Wears!

Founder Kerry Wilde will interview a new Creative, Though Leader and Majestic HUman about their most treasured piece of clothing and discuss what ways Sustainability, Spirituality, Adornment & Ethics are affecting their wardrobe +life choices now.


One of the most Sustainable items in our wardrobe are the ones we own already. Love Story pieces are the icing on the cake, the ones that have a story to tell. Maybe they were inherited by an inspiring family member, or maybe you found the ultimate bargain in a Vintage shop. 

These stories tell a tale of heritage, status, politics and artisanship.  Each garment will take us on a journey and lead us back to why we love to Adorn. How we are buying, wearing and dressing now and What the Slow Fashion messages are behind these Beautiful pieces.

To be featured on the Podcast or collaborate through our LOVE STORY podcast please write to us via the contact form.


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