Founder Kerry Wilde worked for 25 years in the Fast Fashion industry from Saturday sales girl to Quality & Supply chain expert travelling globally. This journey began in the very intimate space of her own Mother's Wardrobe, amongst her Clothing Collection. A quiet moment hiding out in the darkened trove with the various textures, colours and 80's glamour! The smell of 70's lurex and the designer pieces locked in zip bags. In those sacred moments, she was lost and found at the altar of the most coveted, treasured items. Some she draped around and the others she was forbidden to touch, an incurable fascination with Fashion began.


 Understanding and seeing Firsthand the devastating consequences of the Fast Fashion industry travelling globally, the lack of transparency within the supply chain, the environmental issues, the subcontracting issues and the Unseen Hands that make the product. Kerry knew that one day she wished to create a world where the Fashion scene had Spiritual values woven back in, re-establishing the long-lost respect and love for the way Clothing is made and devoured.


Art of Slow offers

  • Slow Fashion Curated pieces

  • Inspirational Podcast & Blog from Majestic Thought Leaders

  • Online Transformational Sessions

Kerry's own experience teaching Energy Healing and Yoga for 15 years alongside a Fashion career has supported her connection to clothing, the stories, the heritage, the fibres, the threads, the interwoven cultures and the frequency of our garments.


The conscious interplay of slowing down and dismantling old ways is the key to Connection.  There is a Symbolism to the circular ways enfolding Art of Slow - the movement. We want to feel renewed, re-purposed, motivated rather than end up on the landfill of our lives! You will feel these influences throughout the platform. Art of Slow aims to inspire other Citizens + Earth guardians to re-discover this Love story with not only their clothing but themselves.

The 'Love Stoy' podcasts are really an opportunity for us to Slow down, dive in and gain awareness into the way we feel about our clothing today. To become empowered in the art of sacred adornment through acknowledging the wellbeing of ourselves, our heritage and the future of our planet. This journey starts within us all adopting a fresh approach. You will be introduced to tools and practices influenced by Yoga, Ancient Spiritual technology and Future innovation to bring us into the Now so we can make conscious choices from a place that feels empowered. 



Kerry Wilde is a Slow Fashion expert bridging the worlds of Spirituality, Sustainability + Adornment. Spending over 25 years in the Fast Fashion industry, she now has one mission and that is to guide through the Art of Slow, a platform delivering empowering workshops, Swap shop events & Tailored Adornment sessions for those wishing to leave a Legacy on the planet. Set to awaken+ inspire a new wave of Buying, Wearing and Loving our Clothes.  

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