How do your clothes make you feel? What are the feelings that arise when you first make a

purchase? What feelings stay after the initial hit and how long? How does it feel to dress each day?

What thoughts, memories, sounds and emotions come up for you? Is this a pleasurable experience?

Do you take time to honour the act of dressing? Do any of your clothing pieces connect you to your

direct environment, your locality, your genetic inheritance? Is there a part of you that craves more

connection to your clothing? Do you wish to understand more about how your clothes arrived in

your wardrobe? Is there a time that your relationship with trend, stories, style changed? Has that

had an impact on what is left in your collection? I am so curious about our movement in, around and

through clothing. I feel from my own experience that the act of ‘doing’ as opposed to just being

passive to what is happening is empowering. It may not be the final answer but as Mother Theresa

says “If you want to change a world, go home and love your family” The power of one starts

Revolutions and this is what we are on the cusp of at this moment.

I am concerned with Clothing Adornment as an act, a process and an artform. To create a direct

spiritual experience that is embodied, felt and tangible that can reflect our values, ethics and

integrity out into the world. The way we adorn. The why we adorn. The how we adorn is relatable to

how we interact with lovers, with life, with children, with our selves. Are we fulfilling the legacy that

we came here to live, filling ourselves up and renewing, re-inventing, re-purposing and re-fuelling OR

are we playing into the status quo following the make + dump model or we could say make,

indoctrinate, educate, work and die model!

There is a collective opening towards wanting to be a better human, living more lightly, actually save

the world. I read an article today that by 2050 we will need 3 planet earths to serve the amount of

growth we are still seeing in the Fast Fashion industry. By 2030 it is estimated that we will rise 63%

in turnover of garments, that equates to 500 billion t-shirts per year.

The future of the planet is resting in our hands, in our wardrobes and in the clothes we wear. In

David attenbrough’s words “We have a finite environment—the planet. Anyone who

thinks that you can have infinite growth in a finite environment is either a madman

or an economist.”

My belief is the solution rests in every single one of us to understand what is happening, share the

information and adopt greener ethics leading to a sustainable wardrobe. The fashion industry that is

promoting us to constantly buy new is broken. We need to start our own Revolution and that begins

with one person, one outfit, one breath, slowing down to feel, finding connection, making conscious

choices and Adorning ourselves as a unique being that we are.

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