Did you know that every single peice of clothing is handmade? From the seeds planted, to the mills preparing fabrics, to the printing or dyeing to the finishing processes and that’s before the fabric even arrives in to the factory. The many hands that touch our garments is something we may not ever consider or contemplate and these people all have their own stories to tell. 

Every peice of clothing we wear is interwoven with stories + energy of the socio-economic, political, environmental transmissions from these people as well as their own lineage, lifestyle & cultural roots. These stories cannot be ironed out for much longer to appear like they have no history, no name, no artistry. Wouldn’t you like to know more?

Taking a moment to look at the clothing you are wearing now and ask yourself not only ‘who made my clothes?’ but also ‘what is the frequency of this garment?’ ‘how does it feel?’, ‘what is its history and what is its future?’ This can be the beginning of a revealing adventure.

Clothes that once looked great no longer feel good and we discover that we were so on point buying all that vintage! (Phew!) thus the awakening process begins to discover higher realm options. The Art of Slow will begin to uncover how we can truly feel good from the inside out, influencing and rippling out and in to what we wear.

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