Welcome to #artofslow this is my new hub for my Slow Fashion meets Spiritual embodiment work. 

We are in a time on the planet where we as consumers/buyers/wearers want to connect to not only our clothing in a different way but also find a deeper connection within ourselves. 


“We can see the devastation that is happening from fast fashion or climate change and we want to develop better habits. I believe that the journey is an Inner to Outer pathway that involves returning back to wholeness + community. We can’t do this alone!"

From working in the Fashion industry over a 25 year period and training in spiritual arts I have found the link between our disconnections with earthly issues and ourselves go hand in hand. 

I feel that we can’t actually develop an empowered connection to the way we dress, what we wear or how we help the planet until we inhabit our inner spaces, until we plug back into the Earth and slow down to receive the nourishment we deserve. 

The art of adornment is the journey of inner presence, the answered prayer of slowing down, the voyage to an depths of self understanding and knowing that feels like truth. #artofslow is a bridge from the inner landscape to the outer world. Uniting Being+Doing into a circular framework. I’m not just focused on - how it looks, it’s about how it feels. Resonance over resistance. Action over Anxiety. 

This calling to own our Beauty, Inner radiance + Outer environment is the Way... join me in this campaign to live a Circular life that is fulfilling, enriching and infinite.

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